Drug pusher women disappeared after bail, arrest warrants issued

Taking leniency of laws of courts for granted, majority of women flee right after getting bail plea from district court. Resultantly in the last four months (August- November) district court has issued 102 arrest warrants of women drug pusher for not appearing before court.

According to documents at district court, in last four months, court issued arrest warrant of 102 women drug pushers for not appearing before court after getting bails in the cases of narcotics registered against them under section 9-A, 9-B and 9-C (Drug Act, using and selling charas, ganjha, opium and heroin).

Besides, in 2010 369 cases had registered against women in drug act, while in current year, 356 women have been booked for using drugs and selling under Control of Narcotic Substances Act, 1997.

Additional Sessions Judge (ASJ) Kamran Bashrat Mufti Court issued 31 arrest warrants, ASJ Wajahat Hussain issued 22, ASJ Yaar Muhammad Gondal issued 19, Civil Judge and Judicial Magistrate Kashif Qayyom issued 16 arrest warrants, court of Judicial Magistrate Naeem Shoukat issued eight arrest warrants, Civil Judge Rai Liyqat Kharal issued six arrest warrants of women drug pusher for not appearing before court after getting bails in the cases of narcotics under section 9-A, B and C.

As per law, if a person involved in criminal activity and is granted bail before or after arrest from relevant court, the offender is bound to appear before court in every hearing of case against him until the court disposes of case.

If the offender fails to do so in first hearing, court issues summon for appearing. If even then the alleged did not appear before court again issues summon to allege and if the person did not appear after three summons then judicial officer is bound to issued non-bailable arrest warrant of accused accordance to law.

According to court official, the punishment in using of drugs and selling was same for men and women but women who were involved in that matter were given advantage according to Women Protection Act 2006, in which the criminal women seek sympathy on humanities grounds and bail is granted.

The court official said mostly in that cases police used to assist the criminal in getting bail by introducing different tactics and disfiguring the FIR’s.

After getting bail the drug pusher women avoids appearing before court because they are the members of established drug rackets and are aware of the tricks to tackle the law and relevant authorities.

Talking to Express News 24/7 Federal police spokesman Muhammad Naeem said in several cases female carriers were directly trapped by groups of traffickers, there were also cases when male family members had offered services of their female members without their knowledge or consent.

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