Sub-standard CNG cylinders and kits took lives of hundreds of commuters

The public transport using sub-standard Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) cylinders and kits pose a graver threat to commuters, behoves authorities concerned for concrete measures to put an end to the deadly practice that have claimed dozens of lives in current year.Although, the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has time and again advised all the CNG vehicle owners to use only imported and certified CNG cylinders in their vehicles but it they did not turn hair to listen to the proposal.According to OGRA, it was also mandatory for all the CNG-fitted vehicle owners to get the vehicle’s CNG system inspected at least once in a year by trained personnel.According to experts, the (CNG) is a high-pressure gas for which specially designed and fabricated seamless cylinders manufactured as per prescribed standard should be used in vehicles.Meanwhile, Secretary Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources, Muhammad Ejaz Chaudhry has directed the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) to conduct raids on pumps providing gas to sub-standard CNG kits and cylinders-installed vehicles. But, the bus, wagon and car owners are violating the recommendation and using the sub-standard cylinders and kits by putting aside all the precautionary measures. There is now need for them to convert their vehicles to CNG from only valid licensees/CNG stations which have been authorized by OGRA to convert vehicles to CNG at their respective facilities.

The authority has asked all the vehicle owners, for their own safety and interest, to use only the approved brands, imported, seamless brand new CNG cylinders manufactured as per NZS 5454-1989 standard and satisfy themselves about their genuineness and fitness before purchasing/installing it from the authorized and licensed CNG stations.

The LPG, oxygen, nitrogen, acetylene cylinders are not meant for CNG use so that never use these cylinders as they cannot withstand CNG pressure of 200 bars and therefore will explode causing loss of life and property.

The authority has also advised the owners not to install CNG kit and cylinder in the vehicle from any un-authorized roadside conversion workshop or outlet.

“Never install a cylinder which has been fabricated by joining two halves by means of male and female threads or welded as only seamless vehicle cylinders are used for CNG,” warned an official of the authority.

The owners have also been asked not to install a used cylinder that has been burnt/damaged during riots or other terrorist activities.

The authority further advised to get CNG cylinder test certificate from the CNG licensee after conversion of vehicle to CNG and also get vehicle’s CNG system inspected at least once in a year for examination of the cylinder.

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