Passage of “Prevention of anti-Women Practices Bill 2008” hailed by Fiza Gilani

The passage of “Prevention of anti-Women Practices Bill 2008” by Senate is a huge milestone in the women’s journey of empowerment. This was stated by Fiza Batool Gilani, Honorary Goodwill Ambassador for Women Empowerment to mark the passage of ‘Anti-Women Practices Bill’ by Senate. The provisions of the bill, including anti-acid throwing and protection of their share in inheritance, will help the Pakistani women to live in a better social environment with honour and dignity, she said.

Gilani appreciated the measures taken by the democratic dispensation for the protection and promotion of women rights. She also pointed out that the enactment of “Protection against Harassment of Women at Workplace Act, 2010” earlier this year was a giant step forward towards women empowerment.

The Goodwill Ambassador said that Pakistan People’s Party was deeply committed to the cause of women empowerment and all steps would be taken for their betterment and prosperity. She recalled that Benazir Bhutto kept the cause of women emancipation close to her heart and waged a sustained struggle for the restoration of their rights.

She said the passage of Anti-Women Practices Bill would put an end to the immoral and un-Islamic practices such as Vani, Swara, marriage with the holy Quran, and negation of their share in inheritance.

Gilani paid glowing tribute to parliamentarians belonging to all political parties, saying the pro-women enactments showed that only democracy could secure rights of women. She emphasised that public opinion needs to be built against such anti-women practices for their eradication. She stressed the role of media and women organisations in order to make women useful members of society.

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