India, America blamed for unrest in Balochistan - PTI leaders

MULTAN – Stressing the need for limiting the role of army in Balochistan, PTI Central Leader Makhdoom Javed Hashmi said on Monday that America wanted to change the map and status of Balochistan with the help of India.
“If any attempt is made to change the map of Balochistan, it will be equally harmful for India too,” he warned while addressing a joint conference with PTI Vice Chairman Shah Mahmood Qureshi at the latter’s residence. Hashmi regretted that the number of missing persons in Balochistan was rising with every passing day and grave human rights’ violations were taking place in the province. He added that no voice in favour of Pakistan could be heard from Balochistan.
“Tomorrow, this symptom will be dubbed as American and Indian intervention is increasing,” he maintained. He was of the opinion that the resolution on Balochistan had been tabled in the US House of Representatives because of Pakistan’s feeble stance but even yet the government did not take up this serious issue as it should have taken. Recalling the memories of last presidential election, he said that he was a presidential candidate but Nawaz Sharif did not want a worker of his party to become president of Pakistan. “Majority of the parties, which are currently part of ruling alliance, were in my favour but Nawaz Sharif proved his friendship with Zardari,” he maintained. He said that the rulers of Punjab considered Saraiki region just a vote bank and therefore they neglected it during the last four years. He asked the masses to boycott by election in NA-148 and 149.
Later, addressing the news conference, Shah Mahmood Qureshi declared that the PTI would field candidates in 1,000 constituencies in coming general elections. He said that the country needs fresh polls as the nation paid heavy toll for each day of the government. “Those raising slogans like ‘Go Zardari Go’ today extend their shoulder to protect his throne,” he added. He hoped that a big revolution would take place in the country soon. He said that the good way to lodge a peaceful protest was to boycott by polls. He said that all out state resources were being used by the ruling party to win byelection of NA-148. He said that the PTI accorded utmost respect to its workers and therefore the old workers would be given tickets in the election.
He called for an immediate end to American intervention in Pakistan, asking the rulers to develop ties on the basis of equity with the USA. To a query on 20th amendment, he said that an impartial and autonomous set up should be evolved in the country for holding general elections in light of the amendment. 
He claimed that many lucrative offers were given to him and Javed Hashmi when they decided to quit their parties. “But we had decided to cease the politics of throne,” he added. He said that although he and Hashmi contested elections against each other in the past, now they were united at one platform. “Our goal is no more the politics of personal gains rather we’ll use our energies for the sake of country and nation,” he added. He said that he and Hashmi would bring revolution in Multan. He appreciated Hashmi’s endeavours for restoration of democracy in the country and said that both of them had come together to shun all past differences. He said that Tehrik-e-Insaf was the name of change as the people had got tired of conventional politicians.


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