Trade Unionists demand improvement of working conditions

The United Nations Declaration of Human Rights 1948 and ILO Conventions ratified by the Government of Pakistan on the fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution of Pakistan uphold the right of liberty and life and security to the working class and peasants.
The UN declarations further ensure fundamental right of freedom of association and collective bargaining and right to employment and fair wages and healthy working conditions and social protection to the working class.
These views were expressed by former SC Justice Tanveer Ahmed Khan and I A Rehman, Secretary General Human Rights Commission of Pakistan and Khurshid Ahmed, Secretary General of Pakistan Workers Confederation on the eve of Human Rights Day at a special sitting held at Bakhtiar Labour Hall, Lahore under the aegis of Pakistan Workers Confederation which was participated by larger number of various trade union representatives and worker.
The speaker also highlighted that the implementation of the principles of such international conventions and fundamental rights are still far cry since the poor are becoming poorer and the rich are becoming richer and down-trodden are victims of exploitation which is forbidden in the Article 3 of Constitution of Pakistan. They urged the government to improve working conditions in the country.
On this occasion, Nasir Gulzar, the All Pakistan Trade Union Federation, Senior Vice-President and Muhammad Akbar of Muttahida Labour Federation and Niaz Ahmed Khan, Secretary General National of Trade Federation,
Ch Khushi Muhammad Khokhar, Secretary General, PWC Punjab, Muhammad Akbar, Secretary General, National Bank of Pakistan Employees Federation Osama Tariq and others also spoke on the occasion and lamented the plight of the working class in the country.
They lamented poverty, sky-rocketing price hike and unemployment and non-implementation of labour laws and prevalence of child and bounded labour.
The House in a resolution urged the government to check price hike and take an emergent measure to over come load shedding and help the National Industries to provide employment and amend Labour Law in conformity with ILO Conventions and reinstate the victimised trade union representatives and workers of PTCL, KESC and get enforced the labour laws and raise wages and old age benefits.

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