Bilawal Bhutto lacks the chrisma of Benazir and Zulfikar Ali Bhutto

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari is son of a worthy mother Shaheed Benazir Bhutto and the grandson of Pakistan’s most popular leader Zulfikar Ali Bhutto but he lacks the charisma of these two leaders and would find it difficult to handle the affairs of the party and lead a campaign in the coming general elections whenever they are held.
The charisma of Z.A Bhutto and his egalitarian philosophy promising “Roti, Kapra and Makan” to the poor and downtrodden, carried forward by his visionary daughter Benazir Bhutto, would be missing when Bilawal goes out in public to garner support for his fast declining party.
The late Z.A Bhutto successfully carried out his campaign under extremely harsh condition prevailing in 1970s. He was an experienced and polished politician who knew how to attract public with popular slogans. He was a shrewd diplomat with good connections to international figures across the globe. He swept elections in 1970 in West Pakistan and came to power when country was truncated a year later. He had the vision and the imagination to lift the country from ravages of a lost war. Because of his populist policies and with the support of his ministers, ZAB created a new Pakistan, stronger, both economically and militarily. Benazir Bhutto who swept into power first in 1988 carried forward the legacy of his late father. Even in her second tenure as prime minister she managed to continue with the flag of Bhutto philosophy and to some extent succeeding in delivering to the people who had great faith in her and in her father.
However, after her assassination on December 27, 2007 outside Liaquat Bagh in Rawalpindi, things changed dramatically for People’s Party. Though the party bagged seats to form the government for a third time mainly on account of the sympathy wave, the charisma of two great Bhutto’s was missing.
Observers are of the view that the voters of PPP waited with the hope that the party would continue to follow Bhutto’s egalitarian philosophy but their hopes were dashed when Asif Ali Zardari became the President, telling the party supporters that he was taking over in accordance with the will of Benazir Bhutto. Serious doubts were expressed about the authenticity of the will, but PPP voters stuck to the party hoping that the new leadership party would solve all serious problems like poverty and unemployment.
However, during the last four years the new leadership has miserably disappointed its staunch supporters.
They say Zardari and Gilani failed to deliver, the 23-year old Bilawal who has no experience of Pakistani politics was unlikely to lift the sagging morale of party supporters. Bilawal would carry the baggage of mis-governance of four years when he goes to the voters to seek their support. He would have to make a lot of explanations for the wrong policies and mis -governance of his father in a province like Sindh, which is considered as a bastion of PPP.
The people of Sindh have not forgotten the devastating flood of 2010 when the influential of the party, in order to save their own land and industry, created man-made havoc in their self-interest by breaching the Tori Bund which devastated the right bank of Indus. Millions of party supporters suffered immensely as the government of PPP did nothing to save them. It was alleged that the aid that had poured into Pakistan from all four corners of the world did not reach the needy because of monumental corruption of the PPP hierarchy in the province.
Hardly had the flood water dried up, that unprecedented rains hit Sindh once again. This time the entire left bank of mighty Indus was inundated, making around a million homeless. Millions of acres of land, cities and towns came under three to four feet deep water.
Once again the PPP watched from the sidelines the devastation and the miseries of the poor doing nothing and making hollow promises on the electronic media.
These are the ground realities of a political Pakistan in which Bilawal Bhutto Zardari would step in to convince the voters that his mother’s party would deliver if voted to power yet again.
Another hurdle that Bilawal Bhutto Zardari is expected to face would come from the Bhutto clan which had already publicly said that Bilawal does not belong to the Bhutto family and he comes from the Zardari clan. People have not forgotten that Bilawal was ‘crowned’ as leader of the Zardari clan after the death of his grandfather Hakim Ali Zardari.
Bhutto clan headed by Mumtaz Ali Bhutto, cousin of Z.A Bhutto, Begum Ghinwa Bhutto the widow of slain Mir Mumtaz Bhutto and many other siblings of Bhutto clan would create such a rumpus which would be difficult for the young Bilawal to handle. He would have to face wars on many fronts, and the opposition from the Bhutto clan would be very decisive in his efforts to head the party.
For the time being, things are looking rosy for the current PPP leadership because it is in power. Once an interim setup is put in place and a neutral Election Commission takes over, reality would start dawning upon the rulers.

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