NATO supplied suspended for the tenth day

The roadblock Pakistan imposed upon the Nato supplies since the killing of 24 Pakistani troops in Mohmand has entered tenth day, Express News 24/7 reported.Truckers stranded at the Chaman border are waiting it out under the sky while it is freezing out there.“You could see a miles long wall of oil takers/container trucks snaking on the road end to end”, a trucker told Express News.This is turning into a cold nightmare for those who opted to transport Nato supplies into Afghanistan, he added.On the other hand the border gates at the Khyber Agency route into Afghanistan are also closed to the Nato supplies.Allied forces deployed in the war-torn country have now started feeling the heat of this supply halt as they are already running low on rations. With no supplies coming in through Pakistan for the last ten days, things are turning for worse for the foreign troops there, said an anlyst.As a precautionary measure, Toorkham political authorities have sent all the commercial/Nato oil tankers back to Peshawar to avoid any untoward incident.

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