Failuresd of PPP government demand immediate elections: JI Amir

- Jamaat e Islami chief, Syed Munawar Hasan, has said in the present high political temperature of the country, it would be advisable for PPP to admit its failure and announce immediate elections.
Talking to the media personnel at Mansoora on the occasion of the JI Central Shoora meeting, he said that the PPP had miserably failed to deliver. During its four years rule, the PPP led government had only added to the worries of the masses and it could not do miracles even if it remained in power for yet another year.
He said the only honorable way-out for the PPP leadership in the prevailing explosive situation was to announce elections.
The JI chief said that the country’s nuclear assets were a national asset and a deterrent against the enemy and their protection was the joint responsibility of the government and the armed forces. He stressed upon army chief, Gen. Kayani, to make foolproof security arrangements for the nuclear arsenal so that these did not meet the fate of the Mehran Naval base and the Silala check posts.
In reply to a question, Syed Munawar Hasan said that the people changing parties should also tell the masses that their previous parties had failed to deliver.
He said the big public meetings and rallies by different religious and political parties all over the country amply showed that the masses were sick of the present rulers and wanted a change at the earliest.
Asked about MMA’s revival, he said that there was a close harmony among the religious parties which would increase in the days ahead. He said it was the responsibility of the religious parties to unite the nation on one platform to check the secular forces.

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