Sindhi Singer Deeba Sahar alleges her spouse's wife ,sons abducted

My loved ones are in danger because I am a singer, said Sindhi singer Deeba Sahar. “My husband’s first wife Shameem and her sons were abducted from our house in [Defence Housing Authority] phase V,” she said while going public with the plea at the Karachi Press Club with her husband Sabir Khoso.
She demanded that the government provide her entire family protection. “Shameem’s maternal uncles disapproved of the marriage because of my profession,” she said. “They threatened to take her away on numerous occasions if I continued singing.”
According to Khoso, he was on his way back from Sukkur with Sahar on Sunday, October 9 when one of children called to inform him about the kidnapping. He claims that Shameem’s uncles broke into the house.

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