Dengue virus is still uncontrolable,another six died in Punjab

As the Punjab government struggled to battle the outbreak of the deadly disease, six more people succumbed to the dengue virus in the province, Express News 24/7 reported on Friday.
Three people lost their lives in the Services Hospital, one in Ganga Ram hospital while one person lost his life due to the epidemic in CMH Hospital.
The patients who died include 65-year old Zainab, 25-year-old Shafique, 50-year0old Nasir Bakhsh, 30-year-old Saba Zafar, 60-year-old Abdul Ghafoor and 55-year-old Kaneez Fatima.
225 people have lost their lives due to the mosquito-borne disease in Punjab. 210 victims are from Lahore alone.
Fear-mongering and a lack of awareness about the fever has helped cause panic in the region.
The Punjab government has spent Rs2.5 billion so far under the umbrella of dengue campaign but has not compensated a single casualty of the virus, Asif said, adding that the government should pay Rs500,000 to the relatives of dengue victims as compensation.

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