Zulfikar mirza organised his own army ,established torture houses

MQM leader Haider Abbas Rizvi has alleged that former Sindh home minister Zulfiqar Mirza has set up private army by issuing arms licenses to 300,000 people and he had established torture houses in layari and other parts of the Karachi city
He made this allegation while talking to journalists outside the Parliament House on Monday. He said series of Zulfiqar Mirza was running as, on one side, he was leveling allegations and, on the other side, he was making confessions.
The most horrendous confession made by him was about distribution of 300,000 arms licenses by him among 300,000 people in Sindh and, this way, he had established private army of 300,000 people. Zulfiqar Mirza should tell this private army would be used against whom, he questioned.
Killing people in Karachi after checking their identity cards was a shameful act, he said adding MQM was much concerned over it.
Flood had caused devastation in Sindh and Sindhi people were looking for help from all over the country, he said.
The way police and rangers were conducting joint operation in Karachi, they should arrest if any criminal was found in our ranks, he maintained.
The criminals should be presented in the courts and law enforcement agencies should prove allegations against them, he stressed.

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