Social Boycott of bigamers and trigamers in Shia persona law in India

The All India Shia Personal Law Board (AISPLB) has come up with a set of deterrents to counter the community’s marked apathy towards gender issues, particularly rising cases of violence against women and frivolous divorces, it is reported on Monday. To be cleared formally at the AISPLB general body meeting on Sunday, the reformative measures will include a three-tier redressal system, a helpline for the aggrieved party, reference to the ‘Majlis-e-Aala-e-Dini’ (expert panel of ulema) to probe charges and free legal aid by ‘vakla’ (lawyers’ committee), if the victim’s allegations are proved correct. The board will also give its nod to social boycott of men accused of deserting their wives on without any plausible reason for second, third and fourth nikah. This would mean a total boycott of the family. Even funerals will go unattended by others, board’s spokesman Yasoob Abbas said.

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