Patients demand action against inattentive doctors

A large number of patients and their relatives protested against the negative attitude of doctors who refused to treat them on Friday and they demanded Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif and Health Secretary Fawad Hassan Fawad take stern action against the doctors. The patients from all over the province especially Bahawalpur where six infants died, Multan, Muzaffargarh, Dera GHazi Khan, Sahiwal ,Lodhran,Rajanpur faced a lot of problems because of the young doctors’ strike. A retired teacher, Qurban Ali , who had come to B.V  Hospital to get treated for sciatica pain said, “The Punjab government must take stern action against doctors who had sworn to treat the patients under any circumstances.” Qurban said he served the government in the education department for 32 years and always advised his students to help every human being.
He said that he came to Services Hospital five times for his checkup, but was disappointed to see the young doctors’ behavior. Young doctors have withdrawn their services from outdoor (OPD) as well as indoor departments and a large number of listed operations had been cancelled due to their strike for a better pay. Young doctors also said that Pakistan Civil Services Officers’ Association could join their movement any time.

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