ISO & MWM staged a demo against Bahrain, SAudi Arabia

MULTAN,March 18th:More than 200 shiites on friday staged a demonstration in front of Multan Press Club to condemn the growing interference of United States , Saudi Arabia and other arab countries into the affairs of Bahrain and "shocking" use of force by security forces against protesters, a military takeover of hospitals and torturing ,detaining and killing the people.The demo was organised by Majlis Wahdat-al- Muslimeen and led by Maulana Iqtidar Hussain Naqvi.He said while addressing the demonstrators ,""Shiites are being arbitrarily arrest, kill, torture for protesting against the ruling party and of the takeover of hospitals and medical centres by various security forces which was a blatant violation of international law," Iqtidar Naqvi said," we are observing the protest across the country today to draw the attention of the United nation towards the atrocities of Bahrain Government,"Saqlain Naqvi, a shia leader said that supply of food was suspended to the villages Daih, Sanabis and Jidhafs which is shocking and illegal conduct,"He said that Shiites account for 70 percent of the half-million population, but are widely excluded from high-level posts.They are protesting for their rights .They shouted slogans against the United States and Saudi Government,

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