Shahbaz Sharif has hailed Prime Minister Gilani’s decision to appear before the Supreme Court

While the older Sharif brother continues to push the government against the wall, the younger Sharif brother has hailed Prime Minister Gilani’s decision to appear before the Supreme Court.
“The issue of contempt of court is between the judiciary and the government, and I welcome the prime minister’s decision to appear before the court,” Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif told reporters at the Lahore airport on Tuesday. Shahbaz was leaving for Berlin, Germany, to attend the International Green Week.
But Shahbaz, who is seen as having cordial relations with Gilani, was quick to back the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s position on the National Reconciliation Ordinance case. “The current situation is the government’s own making. The SC had issued orders on NRO a number of times but no attention was paid. Instead, they were ridiculed.”
Criticising President Asif Ali Zardari, Shahbaz said that it was an open secret that he had deposited billions of rupees, which were looted from the Pakistani people, in Swiss banks and that it had angered the entire nation. “The prime minister should apologise to the nation, not the army chief.”
Defending the PML-N’s position, he said that calling out on the incumbent corrupt rulers was in no way the same thing as opposing democracy. “The democratic system and corrupt rulers are two separate issues and democracy should survive at any cost.”
Talking about his visit to Germany, Shahbaz said that a number of progressive farmers from Punjab were also attending the event and a stall of agricultural items from the province will be displayed.
He said that Punjab government was implementing a comprehensive programme for the development of the agriculture sector, promotion of agri technology and production of high quality agri items.
He said that the Star Farming Project had also been introduced at a cost of Rs2 billion to impart training to cultivators and experts.

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