35 people were killed and 50 others were critically injured in a bomb blast in Jamrud

At least 29 people were killed and 50 others were critically injured on Tuesday in a bomb blast near a petrol pump in Jamrud bazar of Khyber Agency, political agent Mutahirzeb told Express News 24/7 .
The cause of the blast is still unknown; however, initial investigations show that the bomb was planted in a taxi stand near the petrol pump.
Out of the 50 reported to be injured, 34 were sent to Hayatabad Medical Complex, 14 to Khyber Teaching Hospital and two to Lady Reading Hospital.
Dr Syed Ali Shah from Hayatabad Medical Complex had earlier said that the hospital had received four dead bodies and two critically injured people.
According to sources, the members of a local peace committee, called Zaka Khel, in Khyber Agency were passing through the area when the bomb exploded. The committee fights against the militants in the area.
Authorities in Peshawar say that militants have changed their tactics and now tend to target security officials that have begun a crackdown against them. A number of security officials have been receiving threats and many were kidnapped and killed.
The militants say that they are avenging the security operation taking place in the area that has left many of their fellows killed.

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