Taliban in FC uniform overran Frontier Corps fort

Hundreds of Taliban militants, disguised in FC uniform and armed with sophisticated weapons, overran a Frontier Corps fort in Mullazai area of Tank early on Friday morning, killing a soldier and kidnapping 17 personnel.
Six soldiers managed to hide in nearby bushes.
Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan spokesman Ihsanullah Ihsan claimed responsibility, saying a group of 30 militants took part in the attack. The militants also set on fire seven rooms of the fortress.
According to a police official, a group of over 300 militants, equipped with sophisticated weapons, attacked the FC fort in Mullazai area in the small hours of Friday.
The militants surrounded the fortress and launched the attack with heavy and light weapons, including rockets and mortars.
Soldier Yaseen was killed and two others suffered injuries.
The militants also kidnapped 17 security personnel after capturing the base.
Twenty-three FC men were manning the base at the time of the attack.
The Taliban also seized a cache of arms, including eight SMG guns, 26 China-made rifles, 22 hand grenades, one LMG, base wireless set and 9,840 round of cartridges.
The kidnapped soldiers were identified as Sobedar Bawar Khan, Naib Sobedar Alia Mir, Halwadars Jan Afzal, Badshah Khan, Naik Zabtha Khan, Lance Naik Nisar Gul, soldiers Muhammad Aslam, Khan Talab, Shafiur Rehamna, Shakeel Gul, Talif Khan, Rahid Khan, Amjad Ali, Muhammad Arif, Ajeem Shah, Aziz Ali, and Rawanullah.
Talking to journalists by phone from an undisclosed location, the TTP spokesman said that the attack was carried out to ‘avenge the death’ of commander Taj Gul and several other militants.
He claimed that the Taliban killed an FC soldier, injured two personnel and kidnapped 30 soldiers, adding that ‘a huge cache of arms’ and wireless set were seized by the militants.
Our Correspondent in Laddah adds: TTP commander in FR Jandullah Tank, Asmathullah, told Dawn from an unspecified location that a group of 30 militants “under my leadership” carried out the attack on the Mullazai fort.
He said the attack was meant to avenge the killing of 26 militants, including commander Taj Gul and three other key Taliban figures, in a US drone strike on Sara Rugha area of South Waziristan.
About the fate of captive soldiers, he said it would be decided by the Taliban Shura.
“We shall continue such attacks till the enforcement of Sharia in the country.”

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