PML-N's Lakana's rally; Nawaz says Sindh is Punjab’s brother and Punjab is Sindh’s brother

Sindh is Punjab’s brother and Punjab is Sindh’s brother, Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) chief Nawaz Sharif declared on Saturday.
Sporting a Sindhi ajrak and topi, the PML-N chief was addressing a rally in Larkana, where he vowed that he would keep coming to help his “Sindhi brothers” as he had done in the past.
Sharif lashed out at the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) government, stating that the current ministers had nothing to do with the ideology of the party or Benazir Bhutto. “I wonder where BB’s party has gone.”
“Pakistan’s condition would have been better if the government worked according to the charter of democracy which was signed between Bhutto and me,” said Sharif.
“She was my sister, and when we come into power the first thing we will do is to arrest her murderers,” he added.
Sharif also criticised the government and said it had failed to arrest the assassins of their party’s chairperson, and that it should have been the government’s priority to arrest the culprits.
The party has finalised a list of about 25 seasoned politicians from Sindh who are expected to join the PML-N during Nawaz’s visit today. According to party sources, out of a list of 25, a few politicians will join PML-N during his visit to Larkana while the rest are expected to join after a meeting with him in Karachi, scheduled for December 15. Of prominent political families, the Mahars, Sheerazis, Arbabs, Mazaris and Jatois have finalised their terms, sources said.
Nawaz’s visit to Karachi is scheduled exclusively for negotiating with these families and to attend subsequent announcement ceremonies, sources added.

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