Motorised remote controlled shoes invented

A pair of motorised shoes that can propel the wearer at 10mph are expected to become a hit with commuters. The £415 battery powered creations are strapped to the owner’s shoes and controlled via a wireless remote control.
The spnKiX can travel between two and three miles per charge and steering is controlled by the wearer leaning into turns.
Speed can be varied via the remote control and they come with removable training wheels to ease people into using them.
Designer Peter Treadway first came up with the idea five years ago after struggling to find a parking space. Since then he has created over 30 prototypes and is now set to release the shoes via his website in February. Peter, from Los Angeles, California, said: ‘The idea just came to me one day when I was looking for a parking space in order to get some lunch. After driving around for half an hour I couldn’t find one so had to drive back home instead. That got me thinking about a mode of transport that you could use and then carry afterwards, thus spnKiX was born. We have had a lot of interest from commuters, who might only be travelling small distances and would like a cheap, environmental way of getting around. They are also getting a lot of attention from students. The shoes are very easy to get used to - they almost feel like you are using a pair of roller skates. We have had some people concerned that they are just for lazy people, but actually there is quite a lot of exercise involved in turning corners and avoiding obstacles.  

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