A monkey arrested who crossed the Indian border by wildlife officials

A monkey, which had crossed the Indian border, was arrested by wildlife officials in Bahawalpur, Express News 24/7 reported on Monday.
As soon as the monkey entered the Cholistan area of Bahawalpur, locals tried to capture it but failed as the monkey dodged past them.
The residents of the area then informed the wildlife officials, who after some investigation and struggle, managed to capture the monkey.
The monkey was later placed at the Bahawalpur Zoo and has been named Bobby.
This is not the first case of such cross-border animal arrests.
Last year, Indian police held a pigeon under armed guard after it was caught on an alleged spying mission for Pakistan.
The bird was found by a local resident in India’s Punjab state, which borders Pakistan, and was taken to a police station 40 kilometres from the capital Amritsar.
Police officer Ramdas Jagjit Singh Chahal had told the Press Trust of India (PTI) news agency that they suspected the pigeon may have landed on Indian soil from Pakistan with a message, although no trace of a note has been found.

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