Haqqani be tried for issuing 15,000 visas without clearance

Awami Muslim League Chief Sheikh Rashid Thursday questioned as to why the government took resignation from Hussain Haqqani if he was not guilty, Express News 24/7 reported.Addressing a press conference along with Difa-e-Pakistan Council's leaders Amir Hamza and others, Sheikh Rashid accused former Pakistan ambassador in the US Hussain Haqqani of misusing his powers by issuing visas to 15000 Americans without security clearance.He claimed that out of the issued visas, records pertaining to 4000 were missing and that the civil and military segments were undergoing enormous strain at present.With regard to President's health, Sheikh Rashid appealed the Supreme Court to form a commission to review the matter.Rashid announced hat the nation would be informed about the dangers being faced by the country in his public meeting on December 18.

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