GMWT has established a free dispensary in Chowk Sarwar Shaheed

Ghulam Mustafa welfare trust of United Kingdom has established a free dispensary in Chowk Sarwar Shaheed (Chowk Munda)in Kotadu sub-division (Muzaffargarh district)to provide health care at the doorstep of the flood affectees of the area besides free medical checkup of diabetics. In an interview Ghulam Mustafa chairman of the trust told that Pakistani repatriates in Manchester and adjacent areas have collected donations for the rehabilitation of their country fellows who had sufferred a lot in last year's flood.The natural disaster has also caused heavy loss of livestock, agriculture, and infrastructure in Pakistan.This is the real time of winter  to support our fellow brothers and sisters’ in this hour of need. This time they are raising their eyes towards us.Ghulam Mustafa welfare trust of United Kingdom has donated dowry (Jahez)for 35 girls of destitute families,65 sewing machines were distributed among the poor women, 30 water pumps, 150 beds, 120 blankets, syllabus and stationery for 300 children,Ration for 1600 people and cash of Rs.3,00,000. He said that Kotadu and other areas of Muzaffargarh district where unfortunately none or little relief activity has taken place so far and children there are dying of hunger, lack of medicines, shelter and foodstuff.He suggests the following items on urgent basis:
• Milk for Children - Most Essential
• High Energy Biscuits
• Clothes - For Women & Children
• Sleepers - Every Size
• Tea-kettle - Low cost aluminum kettle
• Mineral Water - We however prefer a bigger water filter
• Food Ration Bags
• Tents
• Life Saving Medicines - Various
Ghulam Mustafa Welfare Trust is registered as non-governmental, non-religious and non-profitable social welfare organization. Ghulam Mustafa Trust renders the service to deprived and the poor people without making any discrimination on the basis caste, creed color, religion, region, language and politics etc. GMWT also distributes food freely to aged male, female and the poor children.GMWT is also providing vocational training to handicapped to create an employment opportunity for them. The poor students from schools and colleges get financial assistance from us.We also organize awareness camps such as health, free tailoring, nutrition and food supplement, rural development, self help formation, training, etc.

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