Six US nationals were detained by the Islamabad police

Six American nationals were detained by the Islamabad police for allegedly taking photographs and making video footage of the Benazir Bhutto International Airport on Wednesday.
The police claim that they approached the six US nationals when they witnessed them taking photographs of the airport while sitting in three vehicles. They subsequently deleted the pictures and footage from their cameras when the police interrogated them.
Police sources disclosed that the group was not divulging any information, and that the Americans are adamant that the US embassy should speak on their behalf.
An report published earlier in The Express Tribune stated that foreign citizens, including diplomats, have been visiting military installations and other prohibited areas without obtaining permission from the government.
According to sources inside the interior ministry, reports issued by intelligence agencies indicate that diplomats, foreign employees of nongovernmental organisations (NGOs) and other foreign nationals have been visiting – and photographing – areas that non-Pakistani citizens are not permitted to enter.

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