PTI impact on young people has now reached the high school level

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s (PTI) impact on young people has now reached the high school level — but not everyone is happy with a politically charged school climate.
Teachers and administrators of Shujabad have complained that the educational system has been disturbed due to processions taking place in the school grounds of government educational institutions, which, in their opinion, is an unethical practice. Teachers said that students were being distracted from their studies due to the PTI’s activities and rallies.
The situation came to a head after the PTI announced the organisation of one of a large procession inside the Government High School Shujabad.
Senior headmaster Raza Gulzar Muhayiuddin of Government High School Shujabad had initially refused to give permission to the district administration to carry out a PTI procession in their school, which was serving as the examination centre for intermediate supplementary exams at the time.
Senior officials of the school, who chose to remain anonymous, told The Express Tribune  that the district administration later pressurised the school authorities into granting permission for the procession.
DCO Zahid Akhtar visited the school after which Commissionaire Multan Khurram Ali Aagha granted the permission, officials said.

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