Operation in Orakzai ,Security forces killed 14 militants ,A soldier also killedon Tuesday

Security forces killed 14 militants on Tuesday while one security official was also killed in an operation in the Upper Orakzai Agency.
Militant hideouts were targeted during the operation, as security forces shelled the area and destroyed two buildings where militants were taking shelter. Sources said six militants were killed in the incident.
Eight more militants were killed in a firefight with security personnel in the Eidgah area of Khadezai.
On Monday, police in Swat arrested a key terrorist commander, Baacha Zada for his alleged involvement in several terrorist activities in the region.
According to sources, Baacha Zada was arrested from the Chaprial area of Swat during a raid. Security forces in Swat claim to have conducted more than 1,300 intelligence operations in the area arresting several militants after the military onslaught in 2009.

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