Ogra Chairman unseated ,return all the salary and privileges ,SC ordered

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has struck down the appointment of Tauqir Sadiq as Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) chairman and declared his appointment as illegal and void ab initio. The court has ordered him to return all the salary and privileges drawn from the public exchequer in the course of his service as the chairman of the powerful oil and gas sector regulator. The judgement also noted a number of serious corruption allegations levelled against Sadiq and observed that the allegations were worthy of a serious investigation; therefore, National Accountability Bureau (NAB) was directed to submit a report to the court within 45 days in this regard. The court directed NAB to probe the conduct of the state functionaries who were engaged in the process of selection of Sadiq as the OGRA chairman and submit a report in the court. The court also held that the fundamental rights of the people of Pakistan were in danger if improper appointments went on being made to key positions in autonomous regulatory bodies. The importance of these institutions for the economic life of the nation and its citizens is ever increasing.

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