Mr Zardari, you are hurting our sovereignty: Nawaz Mr Zardari, you are hurting our sovereignty: Nawaz

FAISALABAD: Pakistan Muslim League-N President Nawaz Sharif Sunday accusing President Asif Ali Zardari of selling out country's sovereignty, said the present regime wanted to put Pakistan's army under the US control.

In his address to a public meeting at Dhobi Ghat where PML-N supporters turned up in a huge number, Nawaz Sharif said: "The letter written and sent to Mike Mullen with the help of Pakistan Ambassador in US Hussain Haqqani, sought to put Pakistan army under the US control".

He reiterated the call for launching an investigation into the memogate scandal within a couple of days.

The PML-N President warned that the inquiry be completed within 9 days or else his party would approach the Supreme Court.

"We won't be part such assemblies where the government refuses to listen to our concerns," Nawaz Sharif said.

He asked as to what kind of government it was whose knees trembled when the US executed an armed operation in Abbottabad.

Expressing shock on the President and Prime Minister's response, he said President Zardari in an article appeared in a US newspaper was all praise for the attack while the PM called it a 'great victory'.

Talking about his rule in late 90's, Nawaz Sharif said he responded to India's five nuclear blasts with six in Pakistan. "The green passport earned a great honor that day."

Nawaz said just one phone call from the US sucked all air from President Pervez Musharraf whereas he had been contacted five times by the then US president but he stood firm to his ground.

He said it was his firm stance that made Pakistan a nuclear state.

"Can anyone muster that much courage today?" he challenged.

Nawaz Sharif also criticized Tehreek-e-Insaf Chief Imran Khan, saying the latter wanted the Kashmir issue to be put on a back burner. "We cannot put Kashmir on a back burner, because this issue is linked to Pakistan's sovereignty," he asserted.

He regretted that the country was facing unprecedented corruption today, saying he had have never seen so much corruption in his entire life.

Nawaz Sharif claimed that the country was on a path of progress during his previous rule but the journey was not allowed to be completed.

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