Match fixing:only 3% of proven corruption cases in sport from last 10 years

A report released by the UK Coventry University’s International Centre for Business of Sport (CIBS) on Thursday revealed that only 3% of proven corruption cases in sport from last 10 years are related to match-fixing.
The CIBS analyzed 2,089 cases and reported that around 96% of the cases were related to doping and 1.5% cases were about the misuse of insider information. Of 57 match-fixing cases that were investigated, 53% took place in Europe and 33% in Asia.
While the spot-fixing trial that saw three Pakistan cricketers jailed is a high-profile example of fixing in cricket, 70% of match-fixing cases occurred in football.
The report also revealed that betting-related match-fixing cases were 1.5 times more common than non-betting related match-fixing.
“From our research, it was apparent that doping is the dominant issue within sport,” principal researcher Samantha Gorse said.
The report included cases of three Pakistan cricketers Mohammad Amir, Mohammad Asif and Salman Butt, who were banned by International Cricket Council (ICC) for breaching its anti-corruption code early this year.
West Indies case of Marlon Samuels’ two-year ban in 2008 for passing on information to bookmakers, was put under the report category of misusing insider information.
“There is growing interest, and indeed concern, in issues of corruption in sport,” Professor Simon Chadwick of Coventry University said.
“Thus far however, there has been no systematic or structured review of corruption and so our study represents first of its kind. The study clearly sheds some light on nature, type and extent of corruption in sport. This enables us to more clearly identify where there are particular concerns and issues,” Chadwick said.

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