Lahore Police arrested 9 suspects, 3 drug traffickers in an operation

The police arrested nine suspects during operation in different areas of city on Wednesday. Three drugs traffickers were also arrested and huge quantity of hashish was recovered from their possession.
The police in the backdrop of security measures for mourning processions of Moharram ul Harram and upcoming annual religious congregation continued search operations in various areas of city to forestall threats of terrorism.
During door-to-door search operation in Bhaikeywal pind, a sub-urban area of the city, the police sought the National Identity Cards and other documents from the people residing in the rented houses. Heavy contingent of police took part in the search operation and necessary documents of dwellers were thoroughly checked.
SHO Iqbal Town, Qamar Abbas said that nine suspects who failed to clear their identity or refused to cooperate in the search operation were taken into custody.
It is worth mentioning that more than 100 suspects have been taken into custody during search operations across city in the recent weeks.
The authorities have also asked owners not to let their houses and shops without proper checking of NICs and providing details of their tenants to concerned police stations.
The officials warned that citizens who would let their properties without seeking identity and documents of tenants will be responsible in case of any tragedy.
Meanwhile, the police during snap checking at Multan Road, near Grid Station stop, recovered more than 50 kg of hashish from a suspected vehicle and nabbed three culprits. The accused admitted that they used to transport hashish from Peshawar to different cities of Punjab.

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