Four Intelligence personnels, one militants killed in a raid near Chakwal

Four intelligence personnel have been killed after they raided a compound of militants in Pir Chanbal area of district Chakwal, a private TV channel reported on Saturday evening.
Quoting security sources, the channel reported that the militants managed to escape after opening fire as the intelligence personnel raided the compound. On Saturday morning, the police personnel led by intelligence official entered the area where they found the bodies of four intelligence personnel.
The police place the area under a security cordon and a launched door to door search operation. Contradictory reports were received about the operation, the channel reported. One side, the police said that five proclaimed offenders were killed. On the other side, it claimed that Dr Arshad and his associates were killed during the operation.
Dr Arshad belonged to Mandi Bahauddin where he had attacked the worship place of Ahamadi community in Mung area, resultantly nine people were killed in the incident. The channel reported that Dr Arshad was said to be residing in a shrine located at the mountain of Pir Chanbal.
On the other hand, the military sources said that they did not have information about the operation in Pir Chanbal. However, bodies of the intelligence personnel have been shifted through helicopter.

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