Eid message of Mullah Omar to militants to protect civilians

Taliban leader Mullah Omar has warned his militant fighters that they will face penalties according to Shariah law if they are found hurting Afghan civilians.
In an 1,800-word Eidul Azha message, Omar calls on the militants to ensure safety of civilians and said civilian casualties were “painful” for the nation.
The Mujahideen have to take every step to protect the lives and wealth of ordinary people in accordance with their religious responsibility.
A United Nations (UN) report released in September revealed that violent incidents in the Afghan war had increased by nearly 40% over the last year. Two thirds of the activity was focused on the southern and southeastern regions, particularly the Taliban birthplace of Kandahar and its surrounding areas.
Omar also says that all civilian casualties believed to be caused by the Taliban should be reported to superiors so that action can be taken against the accused after an “extensive investigation”.
The statement also asks civilians to “avoid moving in close proximity” to US forces patrolling villages and the countryside to avoid being hit during an insurgent attack.
The figures in the UN report showed that total security incidents averaging 2,108 a month in the first eight months of 2011, up 39% on the same period in 2010.
From June to August, the UN’s mission in Afghanistan documented 971 civilian deaths, with three quarters attributed to insurgent violence and 12 percent blamed on NATO’s US-led forces. The rest could not be attributed.

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