US and French nationals were questioned at Karachi Toll Plaza

Five vehicles carrying US and French nationals were stopped at Karachi Toll Plaza Wednesday, South Punjab News reported. One of the five vehicles was asked to return as they did not have the NOC. The other four cars were allowed to proceed after required questioning.

According to police, the cars belonging to US and French consulates were stopped at Toll Plaza on Super Highway for necessary inquiry. They were on their way to interior Sindh when one of the vehicles was returned to the consulate as it was not carrying NOC, police said.

It is pertinent to note that the two vehicles of French consulate were also not carrying the NOC but they were allowed to proceed after warning as they had the required traveling documents. Counsel General of Republic of France was also present in one of the two cars.

After the Raymond Davis incident took place, the diplomats are now required to obtain NOC from the interior ministry for inter-city traveling.

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