PCGA's cotton arrival report reveals 6.93% increase in production

MULTAN  (Oct 3rd, 2011) : Pakistan Cotton Ginners Association (PCGA) has declared that cotton arrival was 6.93 percent more than last year. He said total 27,98,773 bales of cotton were received Till October Ist,2011. It was 1,81,455 bales more than last year showing an increase of 6.93 percent in the production inspite of flood in Sindh, Monsoon rains ,diseases and pest attacks.Briefing the journalists newly elecred chairman Aman-ullah Qureshi alongwith other office bearers said that total 765 ginning factories are operational in Sindh and Punjab. Recent floods had badly hit the cotton crop in the districts of Nawabshah,Sangarh,Mirpur Khas etc.He said that 36.95  percent cotton was destroyed Sindh,.37.78 percent in Hyderabad, Mirpur Khas 57.91 percent, sangarh 41.45,Nawabshah 67.89Naushero Feroze 28.87, Khairpur 16.44,However 100 percent ibncrease Ghotki, 40.84 percent increase in Sukkur, Dadu 94.81 percent decline,Jamshoro and Badin 100 percent increase.In Punjab production has increased by 61.10 percent, Multan 234.06 %, Lodhran 452.40 %, Khanewal 71.75 %,in Muzaffargarh, 406.47 %,  Dera Ghazi Khan 140.91%, Rajanpur 48.26 %,Layya 37.45% short, Vehari 38.07 % increase, Sahiwal 30.92 %,Pakpattan 15.84 %, Okara 12.88%, Kasur 205%, Tobna Tek Singh 58.70, Faisalabad  0.22 % short, Jhan 107.34 % increase, Mianwali 475.56 %, Bhakkar 100.58 %, Sargodha 236.17 %, Rahimyarkhan 112.65%, Bahawalpur 110.51%, and Bahawalnagar 52.78%  Cotton production in the country has increased by 6.93 percent as the arrivals recorded at the ginneries as on October Ist, 2011 stood at 27,98,773 bales, showing a decrease of 7.84 percent from 1,26,93,153 bales received in the corresponding period of last year.The report reveals an increase of 23.31 percent in cotton in Lodhran district, 121.87 percent increase in Mianwali district, and 9.46 percent increase in Balochistan. The unsold stock is 2,19,955 bales which is more than last year, when unsold stock was 65,896   Pakistan Cotton Ginners Association (PCGA), spokesman briefed reporters about the monthly report.Punjab contributed 79,04,247 bales, last year it contributed 84,58,483 bales showing a decline of 6.55 percent, Similarly Sindh contributed 37,93,919 bales against the last year production of 42,34,785 bales showing a decrease of 10.41 percent and Balochistan 24,118 bales to take the total to 1,13,81,291 bales.District-wise production data showed that Multan contributed 4,44,899  bales, Lodhran 2,62,532 bales, Khanewal 7,57,520   bales, Muzaffargarh 2,41,704 bales, Dera Ghazi Khan 3,06,366  bales, Rajanpur 2,06,179 bales, Layyah 1,79,554 bales, Vehari 7,81,081bales, Sahiwal 5,42,366 bales, Pakpattan 2,69,620 bales, Okara 52,600 bales, Kasur 8,200 bales, Toba Tek Singh 2,78,287 bales, Faisalabad 1,16,500 bales, Jhang 1,58,211 bales, Mianwali 1,70,200 bales, Bhakkar 94,226 bales, Sargodha 40,330, Rahim Yar Khan 10,12,,975 bales, Bahawalpur 8,68,458  bales, and Bahawalnagar 9,35,889 bales.
Sindh's district-wise production figures were: Hyderabad 3,56,100 bales, Mirpurkhas 4,02,118 bales, Sanghar 15,85,583 bales, Nawabshah 3,45,568 bales, Naushero Feroze 1,94,458 bales, Khairpur 2,08,542 bales, Ghotki 2,20,037 bales, Sukkur 2,99,702 bales, and Dadu 1,17,977 bales.
Balochistan added 24,118  bales to the total. The arrivals figures recorded so far are the lowest Pakistan ever had. PCGA claimed that 2 million bales were destroyed in recent floods in Punjab and Sindh. Policy-makers may hope that bumper cotton crop will help the government make deficiency in other areas, taking the annual growth rates to over 7 percent.The spokesman PCGA reiterated demand to the government to announce relief and bail out package for cotton ginning factories of flood-hit areas and survey of such area should be completed shortly. The report said that the ginners pressed 1,16,95,416 bales. Only 5,40,630 bales were exported by commercial exporters (who mostly purchased from Sindh), and merely 95,281 bales were purchased from Punjab. The textile industry purchased 1,09,37,581 bales and 2,19,955 bales were available with ginners as unsold stock.

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