Obama never says ISI is helping Al-Qaeda- White House clarification

White House says Obama never said that some elements in the ISI are helping al-Qaeda.
President Obama did not say in his press conference that some elements of the military and the intelligence for the Pakistanis are helping al-Qaeda, said White House spokesman Jay Carney in response to an Indian journalist's question at the White House briefing.
A group of Indian correspondents in Washington have stepped up their campaign against Pakistan, asking a series of questions that depict Pakistan in the negative light.
The White House twice rebuked an Indian correspondent who attempted to distort the remarks about Pakistan made by President Barack Obama at Thursday’s press conference. “He (Obama) didn’t say that ISI has links with al-Qaeda,” Carney told the Indian journalist.
“I’ve said all along, we have an important relationship with Pakistan,” the White House spokesman said. “We have had enormous successes through our cooperation with Pakistan...”, said Carney.


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