Karachi's family drowned in river Indus at Layyah, nine killed

MULTAN,Oct 7th: Eleven Member of a family drown in river Indus near Layyah on Thursday evening.Two member of this family a boy (12) and a girl (20) were rescused by the divers and remaining drowned to death in the river. Bodies of four women recovered and another five bodies could not found due to darkness.Divers would search the bodies of another five women today (Friday).DPO Layyah Ch.MuhammadSaleem said,"Nine ladies of family were drowned in river indus in a bid to save a twelve year old boy Muhammad Aasim near Karor-Lal Eisan However Aasim and his sister Rahila(20)were survived. DSP Karore Ali Raza Kazmi said that bodies of four women identified as Aqsa (14)Shomaila Tabassum(16) Maryam (18) and Amir Fatima (45) were recovered by the local divers and fishermen and we have called the skilled divers for the search of remaining five women Samina, Nagina ,Rabia, Rehana and Bano would be possible in daylight on Friday.Family sources said that Muhammad Hussain' wife three daughters and a son came from Karachi to join the wedding ceremony Faiz Muhammad's son.After completion of wedding ceremony,Amir Fatima insisted on picnic at the eastern bank of river Indus near Karor-Lal Easian some 130 miles north-west of Multan.Then other member of host family went to the river.Where Muhammad Aasim slipped into 35 feet deep water then his sisters and other women also jumped into water to save him.Ijaz Akhtar of Rescue 1122 said there is no possiblity of survival of the drowning women because flow of river indus is very fast.

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