Four killed as suicide attackers blew up a truck bomb and raided the offices of a US charity in Kandahar

Suicide attackers on Monday blew up a truck bomb and raided the offices of a US charity in Kandahar, killing at least four Afghans in the main city of southern Afghanistan, officials said.One attacker detonated the vehicle outside the offices of US-based International Relief and Development (IRD), before two others entered the compound and fired on security forces, said police and government officials.The Kandahar government said the attackers struck at 6am (0130 GMT) and that two gunmen remained holed up in a veterinary clinic inside the compound - which also houses UN offices - and were shooting at security forces."There were three suicide attackers. One exploded in front of the office. The two others entered the compound (wearing suicide vests). They are still alive, but the police are surrounding them," said police spokesman Ghorzang.Taliban spokesman Yousuf Ahmadi said the insurgent group carried out a car bomb attack in the city, but claimed to have targeted the UN refugee agency.The bodies of the dead were taken to the nearby Mirwais hospital along with several people wounded in the assault."Four bodies, all Afghan civilians, and five people including a Nepali guard have been admitted to our hospital with injuries," said Sardar, a hospital doctor who like many Afghans goes by only one name.The United Nations has some offices in the compound but the Kandahar government's media office said the UN properties appeared safe.

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