"Comedy show' was staged by "shar" brothers -says Babar Awan

Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader and former federal law minister Dr. Babar Awan on Friday termed the PML-N rally against the government in Lahore as comedy show.
Talking to journalists in Islamabad soon after the PML-N rally, Awan termed the rally as action replay of General Musharraf’s public meeting of May 12, 2007 in Islamabad.
He condemned, what he said, indecent language used by Shahbaz Sharif in his address in Lahore against President Zardari and PPP leadership.
Dubbing the PML-N public meeting as ‘Siripaye rally’, Babar Awan said that there was no need to take serious the threats hurled by PML-N leadership and Chief Minister Punjab.
He rejected the criticism of the federal government by Shahbaz Sharif for its perceived mismanagement and corruption.
Dubbing Shairf brothers as ‘Shar brother’ he said that they would soon flee to Jeddah, saying that PPP leadership never beg pardon from any dictator and fled to Saudi Arabia.
Referring to the Shahbaz Sharif’s speech, Awan said that the people of Lahore were treated to a “comedy show” on behalf of Sharif.
Awan added that life in Punjab was suspended due to this rally and shops and roads were forced to shut down.

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