White collar crime, MPA grabbed the property of a canadian national

Multan - It was 10 years ago when Malik Jamil, a Canadian citizen of Pakistani origin, came down to Pakistan to retrieve his inheritance from illegal occupants. Today his entire head has turned grey, yet it is a dream for him to get the inherited land back. 
“I’ve won cases from all courts. I’ve Supreme Court verdict. Even the ownership of the land is transferred after my name, yet I am not given the possession. I am feeling totally helpless,” stated Malik Jamil while talking to this scribe. He alleged that the land grabber namely Malik Abdul Haq, his maternal uncle, was being patronized by a PML (N) MPA Abdul Waheed Arrain. “Despite dual stay orders from local courts, Abdul Haq has sold the land out to one Dr. Ata, who has cut precious mango and citrus orchard worth over six million. Though police have registered case, no action is taken against accused because of MPA’s pressure,” he added.
The land in question was illegally grabbed by Abdul Haq after the death of his mother Ghulam Fatima in 1963, as he did not mention the names of his sisters as legal heirs. However, the daughters namely Hajra bibi and Tasmia bibi filed a lawsuit with the court of senior civil judge on March 6, 2001 for the recovery of 15 urban acres from their brother Abdul Haq. The mother of Malik Jamil died in 2003 and since then he is pursuing the case, winning it from civil, high and supreme courts, but yet seeking possession. 
When contacted, the MPA Abdul Waheed Arrain, however, rejected the allegations. “I’ve nothing to do with this issue. It’s their family dispute. I was abroad and I’ve returned just two days back,” claimed the MPA. Though the MPA initially pretended that he did not know any thing about the issue, he revealed all the details after a just three-minute long telephonic talk. “Well, the Tehsildar Saddar has to decide as to which part of land is to be given to which party. As soon as this process is done, he (Malik Jamil) will get the land,” Mr. Arrain revealed.
On the other hand, Malik Jamil alleged that the illegal occupant Malik Abdul Haq had offered to the MPA 15 percent share of total money earned from the deal with Dr. Ata. “That’s why the MPA is patronizing him. He pressurized the Tehsildars, got transferred two tehsildars and is now forcing police to quash my FIR,” he alleged. He said that the DSP Makhdoom Rasheed Aziz also fully supported the accused and refused to help him out. “That Dr. Ata has brought 10 armed hooligans with him. The FIR is registered and I’ve requested the DSP to arrest them. Instead of nabbing them, he insulted me in front of the accused and directed the investigation officer to discharge the case,” he accused police officer. Responding the phone call from this correspondent, the DSP admitted that he had ordered the investigation officer to discharge the case. “I believe it’s a wrong FIR. It’s not the duty of police to get anyone possession of his land. I’ve asked him to follow the procedure, consult any senior lawyer and move appropriate court,” he added. When asked whether he was under pressure from the MPA, he said that he had no pressure from any quarter. He said that the land possession had to be transferred under a certain process, but Malik Jamil was not ready to follow it. On a question whether or not selling out a property that was under court stay and cutting trees from it was an offence, he replied that he could not say any thing on it but police had started action under Section 145 ppc. 
It may not be out of place to mention here that the complainant Jamil, after being harassed by concerned police, also approached the CPO Multan, who ordered two SPs to probe the matter. The report delivered by the SPs suggested action against the illegal occupants of the land but still nothing is done against the accused. 
Malik Jamil told this correspondent that the accused had launched a housing scheme after chopping off the entire orchard. He said that when he tried to stop them, the accused hurled death threats. He demanded of the Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif to take notice of activities of his party’s MPA and launch strict action against him for patronizing qabza groups.
He further urged upon the Chief Minister to directed revenue officials to carry out divisioning of the land quickly. “I’ve spoiled 10 precious years of my life on this case. I’ve spent millions. I won inside all courts, but still they (accused) are the winners outside. The courts have failed while the corrupt system has won,” he lamented.


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