Moonis Elahi arrest in NICL case when court dismissed his bail

Pakistan Muslim League-Q, Mooni Elahi presented himself for arrest to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) after rejection of his bail petition by the Lahore High Court (LHC) in NICL corruption case on Thursday.It is reported.

Earlier today, Moonis Elahi, after hearing of the case at LHC, sought permission and went home. Later, he arrived at FIA’s office along with some workers of his party and presented himself for arrest.

Talking to media on the occasion, Moonis Elahi said: “It is not like him to run away and that he would face everyone.”

He said letting authorities arrest himself no big deal for him and added that it part of his training at home (to respect rule of law). 

Moonis Elahi said he would prove his innocence before everyone.

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