Meagre salaries and benefits cause brain drain in health sector

Doctors of Federal Government Services Hospital (FGSH) have claimed that poor monetary benefits and exploitation of medical practitioners in governmental hospitals is a major cause to brain drain of the country’s competent doctors. “Despite of all hard work and dedication we are still far behind in terms of salary structure and other benefits as compared to other professions, leading to brain-drain of doctors,” Dr. Ajmal said while chairing a meeting of Young Doctors Association. All other doctors working in the federal government hospitals also attended the meeting, said a press release here Sunday. The meeting called for revising their service structure similar to paramedical staff and nurses.

Dr. Ajmal said an application in this connection was written to the Federal Secretary Health. Doctors, he termed are cream of the nation, have to pass through toughest examination system.

He said doctors have longest period of education among all other professions and double bachelors (18 years of education) as compared to other professions having 15-16 years of education.

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