I will not make any stupid commitment of deadline for power loadshedding,Naveed Qamar

MULTAN, March 13th: “I can’t repeat the past mistake of giving deadline for ending Power Loadshedding , however I would try my the best to minimize the power loadshedding, “There will be less loadshedding during the coming summer as compares to the last year,” 2,000 MW of electricity would be added in the system soon, said Water and Power Minister Syed Naveed Qamar while talking to newsmen here on Sunday .To a Question he said the Kalabgh Dam project has become a complicated issue. All the hydropower projects will be constructed with consensus among the provinces.
The minister, however, revealed that “speedy work” has been initiated on various power projects, with some of them to be completed “very soon.”. To a question, he said that he was not able to give any date for ending the loadshedding. To another question about the on-going gas loadshedding crisis, the federal minister said the things would improve with the improvement of weather. Naveed said that shares of the OGDCL and power sector would be floated in different phases in next three years.Naveed QAmar said that effective and far reaching measures would be taken to combat the floods and to minimize the ravages of floods in future.He said that creation of an effective and efficient flood management system was not a simple recipe, rather it involves a large number of controllable and uncontrollable parameters, chiefly depending on topography of the area. Pakistan has great variations in its topography, which accordingly, possess greater challenge to flood managers involving both structural as well as non structural measures.
There was a need of reviewing flood forecasting and early warning system, which includes identification of additional locations for the installation of additional weather radars, he said.


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