Deedar Shah ineligible forever for NAB's chairmanship

Supreme Court has declared Justice (retd.) Deedar Hussain Shah ever- ineligible for the NAB chairman slot in its detail verdict issued here this morning, Geo News reported.

The Apex Court in its 33-page detail judgment penned by Justice Asif Saeed Khosa said that the re-appointment of Justice (retd.) Deedar Hussain Shah was made on the wrong advice of the ministry of law. The ministry has no comprehension of the constitution and law and therefore, Justice (retd.) Deedar Hussain Shah has become ineligible for the post of NAB chairman under NAB law section 6-b.

The meaningful consultation with the leader of opposition for the appointment of NAB chairman was mandatory, said the verdict.

According to the verdict if any difference of opinion between the prime minister and the leader of opposition arise on the issue of the appointment of NAB chairman, then this matter would also come up to the Chief Justice for a decision.

NAB Prosecutor General slot remaining vacant for about last six months was disturbing and the appointment on this post be made without any further delay, the Court wrote in its verdict.

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